Welcome to the Lounge!

We are the best chatroom on Stack Overflow. Let’s get the biggest issue out of the way first.

In theory, you can. We even set up best practices at one point for how to properly ask. You should read them, most of them are still relevant. However…

The Lounge is one of the (if not the) most active rooms on Stack Overflow. As a result, we got lots of people who rushed in here to ask for help thinking they’ll get their answer more quickly than on the main site. At first we were happy to help, but after a while, many regulars got quite jaded, and now the usual reaction is “go away”.

Now, if you lurk for a while, you might realize that we have no problem in answering questions asked by a regular. So what’s going on? Well, we are a small community after all, and now it seems you have to earn your “right to ask” in the Lounge by becoming part of that community. You can instead go to the C++ Q&A chatroom to ask questions. Someone will be lurking there most of the time so just ask there instead. And please, for the love of all that is nice and fluffy, don’t act like we owe you something. You’ll get flamed to death (and kicked).

We also have a Discord server.

With that in mind, introduce yourself, try participating in the various discussions, and have fun. That’s what the Lounge is about, after all.

Tips for proper chatroom usage

Read the FAQ first!. Go to Sandbox if you want to try out chat features!

Basics of messages

Inlining and linking


Pinging and replying

Starring and pinning




Keyboard shortcuts

Some of the standard shortcuts supported by the chat. You can get more by installing chat extensions.

Shortcut Function
Enter Send message, save edit
Shift+Enter Add a newline to the message
Enter edit mode (if message is single line and you have editable messages), go to previous message
In edit mode, go to next message
Escape Exit edit mode
Ctrl+K Toggle fixed font
Tab After typing @, choose between autocompleted nicks