Theme options:

  1. two of ‘Strength in Numbers’, ‘The Walls are Moving’, ‘Confined’.
  2. one of ‘A game where you ostracize pregnancy with terraforming’, ‘A game where you freeze familiar scents in North Korea’, ‘A game where you rewrite maths and your sidekick is a bird’.


Name Author Language Description
The Shit 2 Game Andy Prowl C++ The goal of the game is to predict where the ball will end up once thrown into the board.
2048 3D melak47 C++ A Puzzle/numbers game based on extrapolated to 3D.




  1. Time
    1. The 3rd Great Lounge Game Jam will take place on the weekend of March 15-16, 2014.
    2. The competition will start on Saturday at 19:00 UTC and end on Sunday at 19:00 UTC. Yes, that’s 24 hours!
  2. Participants
    1. Each participant is a team of between 1 and 3 individuals.
  3. Entries
    1. Each participant must have their entry published on a publicly available source code repository when the event ends.
    2. Each entry must be accompanied by a description of its contents, including any build/run/play instructions that might be required. (Note that while it is not mandatory to provide binaries for any platform, ready-made distributions make it easier for potential voters to try out the game.)
    3. Entries can make use of any kind of graphics.
    4. Shortly before the jam starts three themes will be selected randomly from the Cowface Games generator (link dead: and three other themes from the Orteil’s Stuff generator (with Sanity off). Each participant has to incorporate some of those themes in their entry. Either 2 themes out of the 3 generated with the Cowface Games generator, or 1 theme out of the 3 generated with the Orteil’s Stuff generator.
  4. Technical
    1. Participants can make use of any programming language.
    2. Participants can make use of any external resources (libraries, art, etc) that are available for free on the Internet.
  5. Awards
    1. Voting for awards takes place during the week following the end of the jam.
    2. Anyone can vote, even those that didn’t participate.