1. The event takes place on 22 March 2015 between 17:00 and 23:00 UTC.
  2. Participants may be individuals or teams of two.
  3. 24 hours before the start of the event, three themes are picked randomly. Each participant has to incorporate two of those themes in their entry.
  4. Each participant must have their entry published on a publicly available source code repository when the event ends.
  5. Each entry must be accompanied by a description of its contents, including any build/run/play instructions that might be required.


  1. All programming languages are allowed.
  2. The games aren’t required to be cross platform, but it’s strongly recommended they are. The wider audience the game gets, the better chances it stands in final showcase, and some people are unwilling to change platforms.
  3. External libraries are allowed with the following conditions:
    1. The libraries are available in a form that allows anyone (in particular, not only jam participants) to run the game. Open source libraries satisfy this condition automatically. Closed source libraries can either be statically or dynamically linked, with all necessary binaries provided alongside game source.
    2. The libraries used must be disclosed in the entry’s description.


Name Author Language
shit3 Andy Prowl C#
falling-fellow copy OCaml
bugfree-adventure Nooble _
Lounge-Marmaloode Blob C++
mao kbok C#
TextAsteroids melak47 C++
letter-frenzy Cinch C++
Marmalade Bartek Banachewicz & Puppy TypeScript