It’s happening no more! A bunch of us finally meat in meetspace; well, at the very least gathered in the same city for overlapping periods of time.

The big event took place on June 7th, in Berlin, Germany. The 7th because it’s Saturday and it’s prime. June because it’s summer time. Berlin because it’s not the geographical average of all our current locations.

Ask in chat if you have any questions or want to take part (in the future). Planning will be done on a non-public channel, using the Slack platform. Ping Cat or The Robot in the Lounge to get yourself an invite.

Of particular note was the introduction of the Mud Slide cocktail to Berlin. The Mud Slide is a fine drink that thecoshman introduced to some place who’s name is lost in time. To make, mix one part Vodka, one part Baileys, one part Tia Maria (Kahlua would work) to Two to Three parts Milk; give a stir (shake if you are fancy); serve over a bit of ice; the bar improvised with a garnish of melon wedge, which sort of worked. It has yet to be confirmed if this find drink has stayed on their menu.