On the 6th of February 2014, a great competition took place in The Lounge: the 1st Great Lounge Game Jam.

Participants flocked in from all over the world, seeking fame and glory.


We had very few rules. Two hours to write the code, from 21:30 to 23:30 GMT. Stick to the command-line. Pick two out of these themes: hack-me, time travel, randomness.


In no particular order:

Name Author Language Description
Inline Bartek Haskell A filesystem manager simulator with puzzles (incomplete)
suckage DeadMG C++ A text adventure where you travel through time while fleeing from the bloodthirsty goons of an evil corporation
Dagon R. Martinho Fernandes C# A clone of BSD robots, with time travel
Bufferfly Loïc Faure-Lacroix Python A ‘‘Butterfly Effect’‘-inspired text adventure
Arbol Ell Ruby An animated ASCII art tree.
SeriousJam Xeo C++ A two-player game! Trap your opponent on the grid before they trap you!
Shit Andy Prowl C++ Memorise the numbers the computer gives you in the alloted time and see how many you can remember!


We didn’t pick a winner. It was fun.

Special Awards

Award Game Reason
Most content suckage With a minimal engine and lots and lots of strings, this was certainly the most content heavy entry.
Most players SeriousJam Two is more than one! SeriousJam stood out as the only multiplayer entry.
Most artistic Arbol It’s just art, nothing else; how could it not be the most artistic?
Worst code fuckup Dagon Using exceptions to control flow but not bothering to catch them deserves a special mention.
Best README Shit “AppWizard has created this Shit application for you.”